Tri-Level PCB LED Indicator. Green.


Dialight 564-0x00 Series LED CBI® Circuit Board Indicators

Part No: 564-0100-222

Color: Tri-Level Green.

Brand: Dialight

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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Dialight 564-0x00 Series LED CBI® Circuit Board Indicators.

The 564-0x00 series, from Dialight, are Tri-Level PCB LED indicators. They are a part of Dialight’s CBI® circuit board indicator family. The 564-0x00 series consists of three 2mm (T-3/4) LEDs within a black plastic housing. The housing holds the LEDs at a right angle whilst providing a high contrast from the board.

Brief Data:

  • Color: Green.
  • LED Resin Color: Diffused, Tinted.
  • Tri-level (3 LEDs high)
  • Black plastic housing, Right angle.
  • Sloped back

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