Wii Nunchuk Remote Controller for Arduino


Wii Nunchuk Remote Controller for Arduino.

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A great invention of Nintendo is the Nunchuk, a cheap extension for the Wii remote control. As it uses I2C as transportation protocol, it’s easy to access the raw data of the controller. The Wii Nunchuck is loaded with exciting features: 2-Axis joystick, two buttons (called button C and button Z) and a 3 axis ±2g accelerometer. Any device capable of I2C interface can communicate with it, including Arduino & Rasberry Pi controller board !


  • Standard I2C interface.
  • Color: Light Blue.
  • 3-axis accelerometer with 10-bit accuracy.
  • 2-axis analog joystick with 8-bit A/D converter.
  • 2 buttons.
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V.
  • Cable length: 100cm/39.37″.

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