0.56” 4-Digit with Decimal Point (DP) 7-Segment LED Display


0.56” 4-Digit with DP 7-Segment LED Display.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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A range of  4-digit with decimal point (DP) 7-segment LED displays. The displays exhibit excellent visibility with high on/off contrast, and are available in a range of color.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

Brief Data:

  • Manufacturing Part No:
    • 5641AS – Common Cathode.
    • 5641BS – Common Anode.
  • Display Color: Red.
  • Forward Voltage Vf: 1.8Vdc.
  • Forward Current If: 20mA.
  • Display Type: 7-Segments.
  • Number of digit: 4.
  • Common Connection: Cathode/Anode.
  • Decimal Point: Yes.
  • Mounting Type: Through Hole.
  • 7-Segment Display Dimensions: (19x50x8) mm.

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Weight 0.05 kg
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5641AS-Common Cathode, 5641BS-Common Anode

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