Ø5.5/Ø2.1mm DC Barrel Plug to 2-Pin Terminal Adapter


2.1mm DC Barrel Plug to 2-Pin Terminal Adapter.

Pack of 4-pieces/lot.

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This connector adapts a 5.5 × 2.1 mm DC barrel plug to a pair of screw terminals spaced approximately 5 mm (0.2”) apart. The terminals are labeled positive and negative, with the positive terminal connected to the center contact.

Note: The positive and negative markings on the terminal block side correspond to a center-positive barrel plug (the side labeled “+” connects to the center of the barrel plug and the side labeled “-” connects to the outside).

Brief Data:

  • Body Orientation: Straight.
  • DC Plug to 2 Screw Terminals.
  • Screw-down terminals ensure a secure connection.
  • DC plug end fits into standard DC sockets.
  • Designed for 9VDC-24VDC range.
  • Outer Diameter: Ø5.5mm.
  • Inner Diameter: Ø2.1mm.
  • Screw Terminal Pitch: 5mm.

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