2-Way SM Disconnectable Cable Kit


2.5mm pitch. Disconnectable Crimp style wire-to-wire connectors kits with 9cm wires.

1 set consist of:

1×2-way plug + 1×2-way socket with wires Length: 9cm.


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The SM series are 2.5mm pitch, wire-to-wire connectors that perform reliably in high-density, small current applications. Easy connect and disconnect by SM type connector.

Brief Data:

  • Product: 2-Wires dis-connectable SM connector cable
  • Color: Red-
  • Current rating: 3A AC, DC max.
  • Voltage rating: 250V AC, DC max.
  • Pitch: 2.54mm.
  • Cable Length: 90mm.
  • Wire Gauge: AWG22.
  • Temperature: 80℃
  • Insulating Material: PVC.
  • 1 set consist of:
    • 1x 2-way plug + 1x 2-way socket with Length: 9cm.

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