SV1.25 Insulated Crimp Spade Cable Connector~50pcs/pack


SV1.25 Insulated Crimp Spade Cable Connector~50pcs/pack.

Pack of 50-pieces/lot.

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HT range of insulated crimp spade terminals made from copper with a tin plating. These spade connectors have vinyl or nylon insulation with a flared design for easy wire insertion. The insulation of these crimp spade terminals is color coded to correspond with the wire size they are used with. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Brief Data:

  • Part No: SV1.25-4S.
  • Insulation: Insulated.
  • Width: 6.4mm.
  • Insulation Material: Vinyl.
  • Cable Area Size: (0.5~1.5)mm².
  • Cable AWG Size: (16~22)AWG.
  • Stud Size: M4.
  • Color: Black/Red/Blue.
  • Contact Plating: Tin.
  • Overall Length: 20mm.
  • Contact Material: Copper.
  • Thickness: 0.45mm.

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