3-Button WS2812B LED Controller Driver Module


3-Button WS2812B LED Controller Driver Module.

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Designed to connect to industry standard 3-wires WS2812/WS2811 RGB LED strips. Power supply can range from 5~24VDC. 70++ display modes, ten-speed levels, all controlled with 3 buttons. Control up to 2048 pixels with preprogrammed 76 lighting patterns.

Brief Data:

  • 3-Keys WS2812 LED manual controller kit.
  • Number of Pixel: 2014.
  • 76 display patterns and speed options.
  • Ultra slim modules design.
  • Input voltage: 5~24VDC. (Make sure to match to WS2812 LED Strip supply voltage)

Note: Please make sure the supply voltage is match to the input voltage of WS2812 Neopixel RGB Strip. Common input for Neopixel RGB strip is 5V.

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