1W LED Filament – Warm White/2-pcs


1W LED Filament – Warm White

Pack of 2-pieces/pack.

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An LED filament is a light source that uses LEDs as its light emitting source instead of incandescent wires. Light is emitted from chip-on-board LED uniformly and evenly in all directions, instead of focusing it in a specific area in the way that many LED light do. It features a close resemblance with the traditional incandescent tungsten wires.

Pack of 2-pieces/pack.

Brief Data:

  • LED Type: Filament.
  • Color Temperature: Warm White (2800~3000K).
  • Forward Voltage Vf: 70~80VDC.
  • Forward Current If: 13mA.
  • Luminous Flux: 120 ~ 140 lm.
  • View Angle: 360°.
  • Power Rating: 1W.

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