5mm Round LED Water Clear Lens RED/20pcs


5mm Round LED Water Clear Lens – RED/20-pcs

Pack of 20-pieces/pack.

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This family of LEDs from is with diameter of 5mm (T-1¾) through holes packages. Available in Red, Green and Blue color options, these LEDs come with water clear lens types. These LEDs offer low power consumption and a long lifetime from a rugged and reliable package. Possible lighting applications include light strips, channel letters and retail display lighting.

Pack of 20-pieces/pack.

Brief Data:

  • LED Type: Red, Green and Blue.
  • Lens Color: Water Clear Transparent.
  • Continuous Forward Current IF: 20mA.
  • Forward Voltage:
    • Red: 2.0~2.4V @ 8000 ~ 9000mcd. 620~630nm.
    • Green: 3.0~3.4V@ 16000 ~ 18000mcd. 520-525nm.
    • Blue: 3.0~3.4V@ 12000 ~ 14000mcd. 460 ~ 465nm
  • Luminous Intensity:
    • Red: 8000 ~ 9000mcd.
    • Green: 16000 ~ 18000mcd.
    • Blue: 12000 ~ 14000mcd.
  • Wavelength:
    • Red: 620~630nm.
    • Green: 520-525nm.
    • Blue: 460 ~ 465nm

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