3A/250V Ø3x10mm Glass Fuse PCB Mount~5pcs/pack


3A/250V Ø3x10mm Glass Fuse PCB Mount~5pcs/pack.

Pack of 5-pieces/lot.

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This glass cartridge fuse is ideal for providing protection to devices or internal circuits. You may choose a glass fuse as it enables you to see the inside of the fuse. Therefore it is easier to determine whether the fuse has blown by visual inspection.

Brief Data:

  • Current Rating: 3A.
  • Voltage Rating: 250V.
  • Fuse Type: Axial Glass Fuse.
  • Body Size: Ø3x10mm.
  • Lead Length: 25mm.
  • Mounting: PCB.
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C~+105°C

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