XT350 Gas Discharge Tube GDT


Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) optimised for Xenon HID ‘Hot re-strike’ circuits

Manufacturing Part No: XT350

Brand: Littelfuse

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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The XT Series is a 2-terminal bi-directional, voltage triggered switch designed for Xenon HID ‘hot re-strike’ circuits such as those found in automobiles.  Switching voltages for the devices are fixed depending on the part number selected.  The gas plasma trigger technology offers very fast switching speeds, resulting in significantly better di/dt values when compared to silicon based SIDAC devices.  Due to the high switching voltage of the devices, step-up transformer sizes and specifications can be reduced saving cost, size and weight. This product is optimised for Xenon HID ‘Hot re-strike’ circuits which require a very high number of operations at high current levels. The switching time is typically 10nS for the best possible efficiency.

Brief Data:

  • Manufacturing Part No: XT350.
  • Break-over Voltage: 297V ˜ 403V.
  • Max Switching Frequency: 400Hz.

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