4-In-1 Full Size 2800 Tie Point Solderless Breadboard


4-In-1 Full Size 2800 Tie Point Breadboard.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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This advanced 4-In-1 breadboard offers you the ability to construct complex circuits without the need for soldering. That makes it an ideal choice when you need to build a prototype circuit to test a set-up or troubleshoot components. The board features 2,800 connection points spread over alphanumeric grids. Wide prototyping area of (200×240)mm. Switches can be implemented and changed easily and circuits can be built over multiple grids. At the end of each grid is a power rail, which can be quickly connected to the press hold terminal connector at the top of the board for power supply.

Brief Data:

  • Model No: SYB500.
  • Practical board for experimental set ups and prototyping.
  • 700×4=2800 Tie Points for components placement.
  • 600 Tie Points for power rail.
  • 2x Press Tight Connector for Power Supply.
  • Mechanical Dimensions WxLxH: (238 x 198 x 11) mm.
  • Weight: 460-grams.

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