(40x40x35)mm Right Angle Bracket for 4040 Aluminum Profile


(40x40x35)mm Right Angle Bracket for 4040/4080 Aluminum Profile.

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(40x40x35)mm Right Angle Bracket for Aluminum Extrusion. Suitable with aluminum profile size of 40x40mm, 40x80mm.

You’ll  definitely  want  to  pick  up  a  couple  of  these  corner  brace  supports  when  working  on  a project  with  aluminum  extrusion.  They’re  nice  and  solid,  made  of  cast  aluminum  so  they  are stronger  than  extruded  corner  supports.  Two  holes,  one  in  each  corner  allow  you  to  easily connect two pieces of aluminum profile at a 90° degree angle.

Brief Data:

  • Profile Type: 4040, 4080
  • Bracket Size: (40x40x35)mm.
  • Standard: European standard.
  • Material: Cast Aluminum Alloy.

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