(40×51)mm Steel Butt Hinge for 3030 Profile with Countersunk Holes


(40×51)mm Steel Butt Hinge for 3030 Profile with Countersunk Holes.

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The most common type of hinge used in home improvement are what is called Butt Hinges. A Butt Hinge is a hinge of two parts, or leaves, joined in the middle and used to hold together two “abutting” objects, such as a door and frame where they are most often used.

Brief Data:

  • Model: A3030.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Hinge Type: Butt Hinge.
  • Grade: Diecast Heavy Duty.
  • Motion Angle: 270°.
  • Closing Type: Free Swinging.
  • Length: 51mm.
  • Width: 40mm.
  • Thickness: 6mm.
  • Material: Steel Die-Cast Heavy Duty.
  • Profile Type: 30×30.
  • Fixing Method: Countersunk Screw.
  • Weight: 55g.

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