43A High Power BTS7960 DC Motor Driver Module


43A High Power BTS7960 DC Motor Driver Module.

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The BTS7960 is a fully integrated high current H bridge module for motor drive applications. Interfacing to a microcontroller is made easy by the integrated driver IC which features logic level inputs, diagnosis with  current sense, slew rate adjustment, dead time generation and protection against overtemperature, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit. The BTS7960 provides a cost optimized solution for protected high current PWM motor drives with very low board space consumption.

Brief Data:

  • Input Voltage: 6 ~ 27Vdc.
  • Driver: Dual BTS7960 H Bridge Configuration.
  • Peak current: 43-Amp.
  • PWM capability of up to 25 kHz.
  • Control Input Level: 3.3~5V.
  • Control Mode: PWM or level
  • Working Duty Cycle: 0 ~100%.
  • Over-voltage Lock Out.
  • Under-voltage Shut Down.
  • Size: 46mm x 46mm x 38mm.
  • Weight: ~66g.

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