5.5mm/2.1mm DC Power Cable Plug


5.5mm/2.1mm DC Power Cable Plug.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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This cable plug can power small devices and electronics gadgets that use a DC barrel socket with Ø5.5mm outer diameter and Ø2.1mm inner pin. The open end cable can be easily connected to battery terminal or power adapter. With AWG24 cable gauge with length of 23cm.


  • Plug Diameter: Outer Ø5.5mm/ Inner Ø2.1mm.
  • Number of Poles: 2-pole.
  • Ratings DC: 0.5A /12VDC.
  • Dielectric Strength: 500VDC.
  • Insulation Resistance: > 100 MΩ@500 VDC.
  • Style: straight.
  • Cable Length: 23cm.

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