Hex Motor Shaft Coupler for Robotic Wheel / 6mm


Hex Motor Shaft Coupler for Robotic Wheel / 5mm

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These 18 mm long brass adapters convert Ø5~Ø8 mm diameter shaft to a 12mm hexagon shaft that is compatible with many common hobby RC wheels. The set includes adapter, M4 screws for securing wheels to the adapters, M4 set screws for securing the adapters to motor shafts.

General Specification:

  • Shaft Diameter: ∅5mm.
  • Suitable for 68mm rubber wheels.
  • Round Rod Diameter: Ø11.5~∅12 mm.
  • Body Length: 18mm.
  • Hexagon Head Size: 12mm (Edge to Edge).
  • Hex Head Screw: M4.
  • Shaft Set Screw: M4.
  • Material: Brass.

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