A3144 Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor Module


A3144 Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor Module.

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This module used to detect the presence of magnetic field. Whenever a magnetic field come near to sensor within its detection distance, it will output a signal on the output pin. This module can be used in many projects like making a contactless switch for door alarm. It can also be used in making speedometer for car or a bike. If a magnet is attached to the wheel and this module in the stationary body, we can know the time taken to complete a cycle and by doing further calculation, we can calculate the speed.

Brief Data:

  • Allegro A3144 Hall Effect Sensor Chip.
  • Operating Voltage: 5~9V.
  • 54mm Breadboard Friendly Header Pin.
  • Digital Logic output.
  • Output Activated LED Indicator.
  • Power-On LED Indicator.
  • Module Dimension: (27 x 14) mm.

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