ER25 Ø4mm High Precision Spring Collet


ER25 4mm High Precision Spring Collet.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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A collet is a form of chuck, but it is not identical. While a chuck is tightened around an object, a collet utilizes clamping pressure by forming a collar around the object being held, holding it securely in place. ER collets are the gold standard when it comes to clamping systems. These collets come in a standard series ER-8 through ER-50 with each series number referring to the receptacles tapered diameter size in millimeters.

Brief Data:

  • Collet Family: ER25.
  • Collet Bore Size: Ø4mm.
  • Clamping Range: Ø3~Ø4mm.
  • Overall Length: 34mm.
  • Outer Diameter: 26mm
  • Material: Spring Steel.

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