Hexagon Nylon Spacer M3x5mm Male-Female Thread


Hexagon Nylon Spacer M3x5mm Male-Female Thread.

Pack of 40-pieces/pack.

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A range of high-quality standoffs made from solid nylon threaded inserts. These versatile standoffs are designed to mount and secure your PCB as well as elevating your PCB from other components such as the inside of a computer chassis or another PCB, similar to spacers. Have female/male or male/male type M3 thread size.

 Brief Data:

  • Body Height: 5mm.
  • Type: Male/Female.
  • Thread Size: M3.
  • Bolt Length: M3 Thread 6mm.
  • Material: Nylon.
  • Width Across Flats: 5.5mm.

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