Heavy Duty De-Soldering Pump Solder Sucker


Heavy Duty De-Soldering Pump Solder Sucker.

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This solder sucker is designed to remove excess molten solder during de-soldering. If you need to rework the soldering on your printed circuit board (PCB), simply heat the solder using a soldering iron and then use this tool to suck it away without damaging the PCB. This solder sucker comes with an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling.


  • Plunger-style solder sucker.
  • Hand operated.
  • Overall length of 330 mm.
  • Soft, non-slip handle.
  • Piston with double oil seals to guarantee no air leakage.
  • Replaceable nozzle.
  • Anti-static design.
  • Suction capability: 32cm-Hg.
  • Weight: 85g.

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