High Tensile Aluminum Foil Tape Self Adhesive 40mmx20meter


High Tensile Aluminum Foil Tape Self Adhesive 40mmx20meter.

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This self adhesive aluminum tape is backed with a strong, fiberglass base material. For lining heat and light reflectors, heat-conductive attachment and as protection against frost for pipes and heating coils, as moisture barrier, and for indoor and outdoor splicing applications.

Brief Data:

  • High Tensile Aluminum Foil Tape.
  • One-sided Self-adhesive.
  • Fiberglass reinforced base material.
  • Width: 40mm.
  • Standard length: 20-meter.
  • One Side Conductive.
  • Max Temperature: 250ºC.
  • Overall thickness: 0.15mm
  • Standard color: Silver.
  • Weight: 195g.

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