PTFE High Temperature Tape 260°C


TPFE Tape High Temperature 260°C.

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This self-adhesive PTFE Glass Cloth Tape is made from glass cloth that is impregnated with PTFE, providing excellent resistance to tearing and high temperatures, as well as good non-stick properties. Normally designed for protection of heater elements; mounting probes in ovens; hot assembly of dies and printing plates, etc. Also use to create non-stick surfaces for packing; ironing and hot closing machines, etc.

Brief Data:

  • One-sided Self-adhesive.
  • Teflon Compatible.
  • Thickness: 0.13mm.
  • Width: 25mm.
  • Length: 10 meter.
  • Color: Brown.
  • Operating Temperature: -73°C ~ +260°C.

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