(15~40)mmx66-Meter Mylar Heat Resistant/High Temperature Insulation Tape


40mmx66-meter Mylar Heat Resistant/High Temperature Insulation Tape.

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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This Mylar (polyester) Heat Resistant, Flame Retardant and High Temperature Insulation Self Adhesive Tape is a high quality product that is ideal for a wide variety of applications and projects. Widely use in electronics industry, insulating pack for transformers, motors, coil capacitor and switching power supply.

Brief Data:

  • One-side Self-adhesive.
  • Width: (15~40)mm.
  • Base Thickness: 0.03mm.
  • Total Thickness: 0.06mm.
  • Color Available: Yellow.
  • Adhesive: Acrylic.
  • Base Material: Polyester.
  • Temperature Withstanding: 130°C ~ 160°C.
  • Flame Resistance: Yes.
  • Length: 66 Meters.
  • Voltage withstanding: 4.0KV

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Weight 0.30 kg
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15mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm

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