HUF75321P N-Channel Power MOSFET/ 55V~35A


HUF75321P N-Channel Power MOSFET/ 55V~35A.

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N-Channel Power MOSFET. 55V/35A/36mΩ/44nC. TO220AB package.

UItraFET® Trench MOSFET combine characteristics that enable benchmark efficiency in power conversion applications. The device is capable of withstanding high energy in the avalanche mode, and the diode exhibits very low reverse recovery time and stored charge. Optimised for efficiency at high frequencies, lowest RDS(on), low ESR, and low total and Miller gate charge. Applications in high frequency DC to DC converters, switching regulators, motor drivers, low-voltage bus switches, and power management.

Brief Data:

  • Channel Type: N Channel.
  • Maximum Continuous Drain Current: 35A.
  • Maximum Drain Source Voltage: 55V.
  • Maximum Drain Source Resistance: 36mΩ.
  • Minimum Gate Threshold Voltage: 2V.
  • Maximum Gate Source Voltage: ±20V.
  • Package Type: TO-220AB.

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