Mechanical Switch for Computer Keyboard~10pcs/pack


Mechanical Switch for Computer Keyboard~10pcs/pack

Pack of 10-piece./lot.

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This mechanical axis switch is mainly used in mechanical keyboard with exquisite design and comfortable operation, ensuring the best electrical contact. Dust Proof type axis. With color code for difference activation force and sound feedback.

Brief Data:

  • Type: Blue switch.
  • Audible click sound and tactile feedback.
  • Suitable for LED illuminated keyboard.
  • Total stroke distance: 4.00mm.
  • Conduction stroke: 1.60+0.5mm.
  • Conduction force: 50±10gf.
  • Tactile strength: 60±10gf.
  • Tactile stroke: 1.20mm.
  • Minimum triggering force: 30gf Min.
  • Termination force: 65gf Max.
  • Dust Proof Type.
  • Number of pin: 2.

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