Motor Connecting Cable with Ø2.1/Ø5.5 DC Jack


Motor Connecting Cable with 2.1/5.5 DC Jack.

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This adapter cable is special make for connecting motor terminal to DC power jack. One end is with Ø2.1mm/Ø5.5mm DC jack, the other end is with 4.8mm crimped connector suitable for motor with spade terminal of 2.4~4.8mm.


  • Cable Type: DC Jack to Crimp Terminal.
  • DC Jack Size: Ø2.1mm/Ø5.5mm.
  • Crimp Connector: 4.8mm.
  • Cable Length: 30cm.
  • Wire Gauge: 18AWG.
  • Compatible Motor: 775 Series.
  • Weight: 14g.

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