NJK-5002C Magnetic Hall Effect Proximity Sensor


NJK-5002C Hall Effect Proximity Sensor.

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The NJK-5002C is a magnetic Hall Effect proximity sensor which is used as an indicator of position or proximity of magnetic materials. When the NJK-5002C is close to magnetic object, its output sends a control signal in addition to having a status indicator LED which visually supports us in the detection. It can also be used as a speed counter.

Brief Data:

  • Model: NJK-5002C
  • Supply voltage: 5-30VDC
  • Detection Distance: 10mm (effective detection distance 0-10mm).
  • Load current: <150mA
  • Output Form: NPN.
  • Output state: Normally Open (NO)
  • Detection Objects: Magnetic Material.
  • Output Indication: LED (red).
  • Probe Dimension: Ø12x32mm.
  • Cable Length: 110cm.
  • Weight: ~40g.

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