SN04-N Inductive Proximity Sensor – Metal Detector


SN04-N Inductive Proximity Sensor – Metal Detector.

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The SN04-N is an inductive proximity sensor which is used as an indicator of position or proximity of ferrous or metallic materials. It can be an excellent support in the design of sumo robots to detect the opponent, as well as in processes where it is required to count or detect metallic or ferrous objects. When the SN04-N is close to a metallic object, its output sends a control signal in addition to having a status indicator LED which visually supports us in the detection. It can also be used as a turn counter in a gear or metal wheel.

Brief Data:

  • Working Voltage: 6V~36Vdc.
  • Loaded Current: 300mA.
  • Response Frequency: 500Hz.
  • Detect Range: 0~4mm.
  • Output Type: NPN Normally Open (NO).
  • Working Environment Temperature: -25°C ~ + 70°C.
  • Cable Length: 1.2meter.
  • Protection degree: IP67.
  • Body Material: Plastic.
  • Net Weight: 45g.

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