Ø10mm Inner Diameter Brass Spacer /2-pcs


Ø10mm Inner Diameter Brass Spacer /2-pcs

Pack of 2-pieces/pack.

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These solid brass spacers are precision engineered copper alloy standoffs with Ø8~ Ø12mm inner diameter. This Brass Spacers are similar to metal washers, but taller with various length. These metal spacers have an Inner Diameter (ID) of Ø8~ Ø12mm, Outer Diameter (OD) Ø12~ Ø18mm to accommodate M8~M12 screws bolts and lead screw with 8mm~12mm diameter. Suitable for 3D printer/CNC, robotics and DIY model builders.

Brief Data:

  • Material: Copper Alloy.
  • Inner Diameter: Ø10mm.
  • Outer Diameter: Ø16mm.
  • Height: 15mm.
  • Recommended Screw: Metric M10.

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