Rain Drop Sensor Module


Rain Drop Sensor Module.

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Easily detect rain with this high sensitivity sensor module. The large plate simply needs a drop of water to activate the sensor board output. The more water there is on the plate, the less the resistance. The Sensitivity ( the amount of rain drop) is adjustable with on board potentiometer.


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3~5Vdc.
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: On board Potential Meter.
  • Output:
    • Digital (D0) – TTL switching signal output.
    • Analog (A0) – Analog output signal.
  • Raindrop Sensor Board Area: 40 x 50 mm. Double sided FR4.
  • Sensor Dimensions: 31×14 mm.
  • Fixing Screw Hole: 4x M3.
  • On board LED sensor status indicator.
  • On board LM393 comparator for high sensitivity.

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