Rod End Bearing 8mm – Inner Thread Female Type


Rod End Bearing ∅8mm – Inner Thread Female Type.


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Rod end bearings are used on the ends of cylinders, linkages, rods, and shafts to take up angular misalignment between connected parts. They consist of a spherically-shaped inner ring and a cylindrical bore for shaft mounting. Suitable for pneumatic cylinders and coupler mechanisms in the fields of printing and packing machines, filling plants, labelling machines and mechanical controls. Maintenance free – do not require lubrication.

General Specification:

  • Model: SIxxT/K Series.
  • Connection Size: M8~M10 Female.
  • Bore Size: (Ø8~10)mm.
  • Overall Length: (36~102)mm.
  • Dynamic Load Rating: N (Refer to table “C”).
  • Static Load Rating: N (Refer to table “Co”).
  • Material: Steel.
  • Connection Thread Size: M5~M20.
  • Connection Thread Standard: Metric
  • Connection Gender: Female.

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