SBS12UU Shaft Support Rails with Steel Shafts/ L=500mm.


SBS12UU Shaft Support Rails with Steel Shafts

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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Precision steel shaft with ready-mounted aluminum shaft support rails, flange, extremely high height tolerance. For use with open Linear Bushings. For long guides or high loads where self-supporting shafts cannot be used due to shaft warping.

General Specification:

  • Product Name: Open Linear Bushing Support Rail.
  • Type: Open Linear Shaft.
  • Shaft Diameter: Ø12mm.
  • Length: 500mm.
  • Material: Aluminum/Steel.
  • Hardness: 60.
  • Tolerance: H6.
  • Linear Bearing Bushing Block to purchase separately. Recommended Linear Bushing: SBR12UU

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