SCS12UU Ø12mm Bearing Bushing Block


SC12UU 12mm Bearing Bushing Block.

Manufacturer Part No: SCS12UU.

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A 12mm bore linear slide bearing for use on hardened steel shafts. Ideal for small CNC applications, robotics, 3D printer as well as X / Y tables.

General Specification:

  • Inner Bore Diameter: Ø12mm.
  • Precision CNC machined
  • 4 rows of ball bearings for extreme precision
  • Rubber seals to prevent debris entering the the ball bearings
  • Silver brushed aluminum finish
  • Threaded  mounting holes
  • Perfect for DIY CNC routers, mills, lathes, 3D printers
  • For 10mm shafts, suits  for X, Y, Z axis linear motion control

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