Harden Chrome Smooth Linear Shaft Ø10mm/L500mm


Harden Chrome Smooth Linear Shaft Ø10mm/L500mm.

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Linear Shafts have high surface hardness, exceptional straightness and smooth surface finish which are the basic needs for linear ball bushing application. The linear shaft adopts high carbon chromium steel as the raw material. The surface-hardened layer is equivalent to a protective layer, achieving a thickness of up to 2.5mm. The shaft surface features high smoothness, good touch and small friction coefficient. In addition, the product is very straight with high dimensional accuracy. This Linear Shaft is a high-precision shaft that can be used with slide bushing or any other bearings. Ideal for robotic, 3D printers and CNC router machine.

General Specification:

  • Diameter: Ø10mm.
  • Length: 500mm.
  • Main Material: CF53.
  • Heat Treatment: High Frequency Induction hardening.
  • Hardness: HRC58-62.
  • Surface Roughness: Polished, Ra<= 0.8μ.
  • Shaft Straightness: Within 50μ per 300mm.
  • Tolerance: G6/H6.
  • Corrosion Protection: Hard Chrome Plating.

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