SK12 Shaft Holder for Ø12mm Smooth Linear Shaft


SK12 Linear Shaft Holder.

Manufacturer Part No: SK12.

Pack of 2-pieces/lot.

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Anodized Aluminum Alloy SK Series Shaft Holder is designed for use in CNC machines, linear stages, 3D printers, robotic and other devices that utilize linear motion. Use to fix the both sides of linear rail shaft.

General Specification:

  • Precision CNC machined.
  • For ∅12mm shafts.
  • Hex type bolt for clamping the shaft.
  • Silver brushed aluminum finish.
  • Perfect for your DIY CNC routers, mills, lathes.
  • Suits X, Y or Z axis linear motion application.
  • Supply in 2-pieces per pack (one for each end of shaft).

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