SE5539N High Frequency Op-Amp


High Frequency Operational Amplifier in DIP14 package.

Brand: NXP (Philips)

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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SE5539N High Frequency Operational Amplifier in DIP14 package.

The NE/SE5539 is a very wide bandwidth, high slew rate, monolithic operational amplifier for use in video amplifiers, RF amplifiers, and extremely high slew rate amplifiers. Emitter-follower inputs provide a true differential input impedance device. Proper external compensation will allow design operation over a wide range of closed-loop gains, both inverting and non-inverting, to meet specific design requirements.


  • Unity gain: 350MHz.
  • Full power: 48MHz.
  • GBW: 1.2GHz at 17dB.
  • Slew rate: 600/Vms.
  • Avol: 52dB typical.
  • Low noise: 4nV/Hz typical.

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