TTP223B+ 1-Touch Capacitive Sensor Module


TTP223B+ 1-Touch Capacitive Sensor Module.

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This module is based on capacitive touch-sensing IC TTP223B. This versatile small sensor board is configured with “Momentary High” output for easy micro-controller interfacing. This touching detection module is designed for replacing traditional mechanical button switch with diverse pad size with no wear and tear problem of mechanical switches.

Brief Data:

  • Operating voltage: 2.0~5.5V.
  • Operating current @VDD=3V: 1.5uA, maximum 3.0uA.
  • Output: Active High Momentary.
  • Response time: 220mS max@ 3V.
  • 2.54mm breadboard friendly header pin connector.
  • Board dimension: 23 x 23 mm.

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