TTP223B 1-Touch Capacitive Sensor Module~2-pcs/pack


TTP223B 1-Touch Capacitive Sensor Module.

Pack of 2-pieces/lot.

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This module is based on capacitive touch-sensing IC TTP223B. This versatile small sensor board is user configurable with on-board shorting pads as activated Low or High, momentary or latching output to suit for various control requirements. This touching detection module is designed for replacing traditional mechanical button switch with diverse pad size with no wear and tear problem of mechanical switches.

Brief Data:

  • Operating voltage: 2.0~5.5V.
  • Operating current @VDD=3V: 1.5uA, maximum 3.0uA.
  • Output: Active high or active low, momentary or latching, set by 2 on-board  shorting pads.
  • Response time: 220mS max@ 3V.
  • 2.54mm breadboard friendly header pin connector.
  • Board dimension: 10.5×14.5mm.

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