UDN2878W High Current Driver


High Power Quad Darlington Arrays, 50V/5A in SIP12 package.

Brand: Allegro

Pack of 1-piece/lot.

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High Power Quad Darlington Arrays, 50V/5A in SIP12 package.

These quad Darlington arrays are designed to serve as interface between low-level logic and peripheral power devices such as solenoids, motors, incandescent displays, heaters, and similar loads of up to 320W per channel. Both integrated circuits include transient-suppression diodes that enable use with inductive loads. The input logic is compatible with most TTL, DTL, LSTTL, and 5 V CMOS logic.

Brief Data:

  • Output Currents to 4A.
  • Output Voltages to 80V.
  • Loads to 1280W.
  • TTL, DTL, or CMOS Compatible Inputs.
  • Internal Clamp Diodes.
  • Plastic Single In-Line SIP12 Package.
  • Heat-Sink Tab.

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