4 Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) Module – AC Load


4 Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) Module – AC Load.

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This is Solid-State Relay (SSR) Module based on Omron G3MB-202P subminiature SSR. This is Arduino compatible. Solid-State Relay is similar to that of a mechanical relay & the difference is that, there is no moving contact in a Solid-State Relay. SSR make use of Phototriac coupler to turn it ON and OFF. It finds its application in AC circuits as a TRIAC has got only limited applications in DC. And with that, this relay is suitable to control AC load, not for DC load.

Brief Data:

  • Product: Solid-State Relay.
  • Number of Channel: 4.
  • Rated output load: 100~240VAC (50Hz/ 60Hz) 2A per channel.
  • Rated input power: 5V@10mA per Channel.
  • Triggered Level: Low (Active Low).
  • Separate LEDs showing status of each Solid-State Relay.
  • Input control signal:
    • Low Signal (Solid-State Relay ON / CLOSE), 0V- 2V or GND.
    • High Signal (Solid-State Relay OFF / OPEN), 3.3V – 5.0V or leave it floating.
  • Module Mounting Hole: M3 Screw.

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