HZ-1050 Wiegand 125kHz RFID Reader Kit


HZ-1050 Wiegand 125kHz RFID Reader Kit.

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Consist of a very easy RFID reader modul to use and one RFID keyholder. The reader module works on 125kHz frequency. Tha output is given by this RFID module is in Wiegand format and it can easily make readings on various kinds of microcontroller especially platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The communications data rate is able to be set on 9600 and 19200 baud. Work at frequency of 125 kHz and enable to read EM4100-compatible tags.

Brief Data:

  • Operating Frequency: 125 kHz.
  • Wiegand Data Format: 26/34 bit.
  • Read distance: 2~4cm.
  • Preset Baud rate: 9600 and 19200.
  • Compatible with read-only cards (EM4100, 4001, etc.)
  • Frequency: 125kHz.
  • Read time: <0.2S.
  • Easier usage with UART and TTL interfaces.

Package Include:

  • 1x RFID HZ-1050 Reader Module.
  • 1x Loop Antenna.
  • 1x 125kHz Keytag.

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