4mm Banana Plug Screw-on~2pcs (RED+BLACK)


4mm Banana Plug Screw-On.

Pack of 2-pieces (Red+Black)/lot.

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This high quality standard 4mm banana plug with rigid screw on PVC body comes in range of red and black body colours for easy identifications. The plug pin comes with screw-on terminal for secure cable connection.

Brief Description:

  • Φ4mm standard banana male plug.
  • Brass nickel plated contact.
  • Spring contact.
  • Wire diameter: 4mm max.
  • Nominal working voltage: 30VAC/60DC.
  • Rated current: 10A Max.
  • Maximum contact resistance is 10mΩ.
  • Connector Mounting: Screw-On.
  • Conductor size: 2.5mm2/Φ3mm.
  • Insulation Material: High Temperature Rubber.
  • Temperature: -20°C ~ 110°C.

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