Articulated Levelling Feet M8xD50x50L- Rubber Base


Articulated Levelling Feet M8xD50x50L- Rubber Base.

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Adjustable feet are used for levelling and supporting structures, machinery, furniture and display stands that require vertical adjustments to function correctly. Adjustable feet come in various base sizes and thread sizes to suit different applications. Larger thread sizes and base diameters provide the best weight capabilities in comparison to smaller sizes. The larger the base the better the levelling of stabilization.

Brief Data:

  • Static Load Capacity: 75kg.
  • Thread Size: M8.
  • Thread Length: 50mm.
  • Tilt Angle: 15°.
  • Base Material: Reinforce Nylon.
  • Base Diameter: 50mm.
  • Overall Height: 82mm.
  • Adjustment Height: 35~70mm (Approximate).
  • Weight: 70g.

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