Inverter for Electroluminescent (EL) Wire – 3V Portable.


Inverter for Electroluminescent (EL) Wire – 3V Portable.

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A small portable inverter for EL wires. Powers off from 2x AA size batteries. It can drive 1~5 meter of EL wire for ~5 hours. There is a button for selecting “Steady/Blink/Off modes. There’s a removable clip on the back. Comes with a 2.5mm pitch female JST connector. The EL inverter requires a ‘load’ to stabilize itself. Do not run the inverter without at least 1m of EL wire attached! Otherwise the inverter can spike and damage itself! Like all inverters, the 2000Hz switching noise is slightly audible which is normal.

Brief Data:

  • Supply Voltage: 2x AA size battery.
  • Output Connector: 2-Pins Female JST Connector.
  • LED Indicator for Power On/Blinking/Off status.
  • Suit for 1-5M EL Wire.
  • Mode: Steady on/Blinking/Off.
  • Belt Clip for portability.

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