LCT3780 30V/10A High Efficiency Auto Up-Down (Buck-Boost) DC-DC Converter


LCT3780 30V/10A High Efficiency Auto Up-Down (Buck-Boost) DC-DC Converter.

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This buck-boost (auto up/down) DC-DC converter module is based on LCT3780 high efficiency buck-boost switching regulator IC. This module can operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the output voltage. This module is with constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC) and Input Under-Voltage (UV) adjustment control. Suitable for general purpose variable power supply and battery charger application, industry control and telecoms systems.

Brief Data:

  • Model Number: LTC3780 Module.
  • Operating Mode: Buck-Boost (Auto Step-up/Step-Down).
  • Control Mode: Constant Voltage (CV)/Constant Current (CC).
  • Input Voltage: (5~32) VDC.
  • Output Voltage: (1~30V) VDC Continuous Variable with Trimpot.
  • Output Current: 10A maximum, 7A continuous.
  • Output Power: 80W continuous, peak 130W.
  • Input Fused: 15A; removable SMD fuse.
  • Short Circuit Protected.
  • Efficiency: ~98%.
  • Input Under Voltage (UV) Cut-off.
  • Module Size: (78x46x15) mm.

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