Sound Detector Sensor Module


Sound Detector Sensor Module.

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This module allows you to detect when sound has exceeded a set point selected. Sound is detected via a microphone and feed into an LM393 Op-Amp. The sound level set point is adjusted via on board potentiometer. When the sound level exceeds the set point, an LED on the module is illuminated and the output is send low.

Brief Data:

  • Operating Voltage: 3.3~5Vdc.
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: On board Potential Meter.
  • Output:
    • Digital (D0) – TTL switching signal output.
  • Fixing Screw Hole: M3.
  • On board LED sensor status indicator.
  • On board LM393 comparator for high sensitivity.
  • Board Size: 15×30 mm.

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