TK4100 125kHz Proximity ID Card ~5pcs/pack


TK4100 125kHz Proximity ID Card ~5pcs/pack.

Pack of 5-pieces/lot.

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The TK4100 proximity ID card is based on SMC4100 IC connected with a few laps, which are then embedded into plastic. No batteries required. This card is read-only, 40-bits unique number in the Manchester code. TK4100 is compatible with EM4100. These cards are primarily used in access control applications and other identity authentication. Each card is pre-programmed with a Unique ID number which is printed on the cards.

Brief Data:

  • Operating Frequency: 125 kHz.
  • Protocol: ISO10536 (125 kHz EM4100 Compatible).
  • Unique ID: 40bits.
  • Memory: 64bits.
  • Mode: Read only.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Temperature : -20°C ~ +50°C
  • Supported Readers : RDM6300

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