PS2 Joystick for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi


PS2 Joystick for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi

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This PS2 style joystick is a thumb operated device, offers a convenient way of getting user input. It is fundamentally consists of two potentiometers and a push button switch. The two potentiometers indicate which direction the potentiometer is being moved. The switch sends low (or ground) when the joy stick knob is pressed. This module produces an output of around 2.5V from X and Y when it is in resting position. Moving the joystick will cause the output to vary from 0v to 5V depending on its direction.


  • Analog output: 2-Axis X and Y.
  • Digital Output: One Push Button.
  • Interface: 5-pins.
  • Mounting: 4x M4 mounting hole.
  • Dimensions: (34 x 26 x 32) mm.

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